Dentures Sydney

When it comes to dentures, Sydney residents can have total faith in the professional services provided by the Denture Care Clinic. With specialty experience across the full range of dentures – including partial, complete and implant retained dentures – head Dental Prosthetist Sam Karagiannis provides unparalleled attention to detail and care to ensure total patient satisfaction.

We provide a wide range of denture options as we treat a wide range of patients – and it’s through taking the time to inform you completely about each option that we’re confident you’ll be totally satisfied with the end result.

Implant Dentures Sydney


One of our most popular options are Implant Dentures. Sydney residents have described their new Denture Care Clinic implants as “life-changing” – as if they have their own teeth again. Attached directly to the upper and/or lower jaw through implant abutments, these options offer a much more stable denture solution. This offers unparalleled oral functioning, and makes it easy to forget you’re even wearing dentures.

Cosmetic Dentures Sydney

There’s many reasons someone might seek out dentures. While ensuring full oral functioning, having benefits to nutrition and health, as well as being able to smile with confidence can be just as important. That’s why Denture Care Clinic is happy to provide professionally designed Cosmetic Dentures. Sydney residents looking for a Dental Prosthetist that brings attention-to-detail and artistry to crafting beautiful Cosmetic Dentures need look no further than Denture Care Clinic. For a beautiful, natural smile, we won’t just match your expectations – we’ll exceed them.

Partial Dentures – Sydney Locals Rely On Denture Care Clinic

At Denture Care Clinic we offer a wide range of Partial Dentures to Sydney patients. Whether you need to offset the loss of a single tooth or a number of them, a professional dental inspection and consultation at the Denture Care Clinic will help you settle on the best option for you.

Our Partial Denture options include:

  • Conventional Partial Dentures
  • Precision attachment Partial Dentures
  • Holistic Valplast Partial Dentures

Flexible, Partial Dentures – Sydney


By utilising Valplast, we’re able to create lightweight, biocompatible and flexible dentures. Sydney patients looking for quality crafted dentures can count on Denture Care Clinic to use the highest-grade materials and expert crafting skills.

Denture Repairs, Adjustments & Relines Sydney

Beyond simply crafting unbeatable dentures, the Denture Care Clinic is able to repair, read just and reline your current dentures.

If you feel any discomfort with your dentures, it’s important to ensure they still fit well. Dentures that are too tight or too loose around the gums can lead to health problems and pain down the track, and getting precision denture adjustments from Sydney’s leading Dental Prosthetist is the best way to keep your dentures looking and feeling great.

Similarly, damage to your dentures can impact their functionality and affect your smile, and it’s important to be proactive about denture repairs. Sydney patients with Partial or Implant Retained dentures can come in and get a professional repair appointment that comes with care and attention to detail.

Denture relining is one of the key components in denture upkeep. Your denture’s lining is what sits directly against your gum tissue, and as it begins to age it may begin to affect your denture’s stability, causing problems with speech and chewing. That’s why Denture Care Clinic is happy to offer the denture relines Sydney denture owners know they can trust – with years of experience standing behind everything we do, we ensure relining is handled with total care and precision.

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