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Denture repairs Sydney

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Denture Care Clinic provides an emergency service for all Denture Repairs and Relines.

Whether you have damaged your dentures or require a reline due to ill-fitting dentures, our on-site Denture Laboratory allows us to provide patients with same day repairs and relines.

Our fast turnaround times ensure that you are never without your teeth and in most cases are returned within just a few hours. Walk in emergencies are also welcome.

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Like all things, dentures are subject to wear and tear, and may therefore require repairs at some point or another. Denture Care Clinic offer denture repairs in Sydney that are precise and timely, allowing you to go back to enjoying the comfort and convenience of your dentures. We understand that when your dentures break, you will likely experience inconvenience and distress, which is why we work to repair your dentures as quickly as possible. In some cases, we can even provide same day dentures for Sydney residents needing immediate repairs.

Some common types of denture problems we see at the Denture Care Clinic include:

  • Loss or fracture of tooth
  • Cracks or chips on the dentures
  • Scrapes on the plastic
  • General wear and tear

Our broken denture repair in Sydney covers all models of dentures, with our dental prosthetists also providing advice on preventing similar problems from occurring in the future.

For broken denture repair in Sydney, please do not hesitate to call the Denture Care Clinic. Our team will strive to complete your denture repair in a timely fashion, ensuring you experience minimal inconvenience or discomfort.

If you are in need of denture repairs, you may have considered at-home repair kits. Denture Care Clinic urge you to opt for professional care instead of an at-home repair kit due to the following reasons:

  • An improper repair can cause further damage in the mouth
  • Complex repairs are impossible with at-home repair kits
  • If materials are mixed improperly, the repair will soon let you down
  • If done incorrectly, the denture may incur further damage, increasing the eventual cost of a professional repair.
  • If your denture does not correctly fit you anymore, an at-home kit will not able to repair this.
  • At-home repair kits are no help when a part of the denture is missing

Emergency denture repair sydney

There may be some cases in which your broken denture is causing you significant pain or inconvenience. If this is the case, contact Denture Care Clinic for our emergency denture repairs for Sydney locals needing immediate care and a quick turnaround. Examples of situations that require emergency denture repairs include trauma or damage sustained from accidental drops and falls. Scrapes, breakages or gouges in the plastic often need to be repaired immediately, as these rough surface can damage the gum tissue, causing significant pain.

So when they’re looking for unparalleled dental care and denture repair ‘near me’ Sydney residents know to get in touch with the staff at the Denture Care Clinic. With over 30 years of experience, our patients can be sure that their smiles are in good hands when they visit our welcoming Neutral Bay clinic.

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