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Dentures Don’t Look Like “Dentures” Anymore!!

Dental Prosthetist Sydney
Dentures Don’t Look Like “Dentures” Anymore!!

denturecareclinicadmin | November 3, 2021 | 0 comments

Losing your teeth can be a difficult thing to deal with – it can affect both your physical and mental wellbeing. However, today there is no need for this to impact your quality of life because replacing your missing teeth with dentures not only adds to your oral functioning and health, but is also cosmetically pleasing.

Nonetheless the prospect of getting dentures can still be daunting for many people Nobody likes wearing dentures that ‘look like dentures’ and secondly there is stress bout the process of getting dentures made.

Fortunately, dentures looking like ‘Dentures’ is a thing of the past! For instance, you now have dentures without wires that are lightweight and metal-free, and the use of translucent materials means that the patient’s natural tissue colour appears through the material so no-one needs to know you are wearing dentures.

There have also been advances in how to secure dentures. Implant retained dentures offer a secure denture. These dentures have been described as ‘life-changing’ by some patients and akin to having their own teeth again.

Whether you are wearing a partial or a full upper and lower denture, a Dental Prosthetist works closely with you to improve fit, retention, function, comfort and appearance. They listen Carefully to your concerns, and devise a treatment plant accordingly. Generally, the first appointment consists of an oral examination, and a set of impressions of the mouth. These impressions are used to model your dentures. Other parameters are determined such as the shade, size and shape of the teeth that will be placed on the new Denture.

Dentures should be refitted every five years, however an annual check-up is advisable. If you don’t get your dentures re-fitted, they can become loose as your gums shrink over time, causing discomfort, not being able to eat or speak property as well as looking worn. Poor fitting dentures may even cause teeth your natural teeth to loosen and fall out.

These days, cosmetically designed dentures are customised to suit both the patient’s clinical and aesthetic needs, giving the patient reason to smile again!