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Denture Relines - What is the Difference Between a “Hard Denture Reline” and a “Soft Denture Reline”

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Denture Relines – What is the Difference Between a “Hard Denture Reline” and a “Soft Denture Reline”

denturecareclinicadmin | August 6, 2018 | 0 comments

New Dentures will typically fit your mouth very securely as it has been designed specifically for your gums. As time goes on, your gum tissues will change and the fit of the Denture will become loose and ill-fitting thus more prone to movement inside your mouth. Having the Denture professionally Relined every one to two years will keep the denture secure and functional.

Hard Denture Reline All Full Dentures should have a reline every two years. Denture Care Clinic in Neutral Bay removes a layer of plastic from the Dentures interior surface, and then fills the Denture with a putty-like material which conforms to the contours of your mouth creating an accurate impression. The Denture is then processed in our own In-house Laboratory where it is adjusted to the new shape of your gum tissue. This results in maximum contact between the Denture and your mouth.

Soft Denture Reline Some patients are unable to wear ordinary Dentures because of tender gums or sore spots. Denture Care Clinic in Neutral Bay may recommend relining the Denture with material that stays soft and pliable.This material is much less likely to give the patient sore spots than the standard hard reline acrylic. A soft liner is a layer of soft, pliable material that is fitted between the surface of the Denture and your oral tissues. It absorbs shock between the hard base of your Denture and your gums. Soft liners can be used when creating new Dentures or Reling into existing Dentures.

Permanent soft liners provide comfort and relief for individuals with receded and flattened gum tissues that don’t respond well to the stress of Dentures. They may also be a suitable solution for patients with chronically sore gum tissues or gums with sharp bony areas.

Advantages of Soft Liners
  1. More comfortable to use
  2. Virtually all patients respond well to soft liner materials
  3. Easier chewing
  4. A proven technology with over 30 years of innovation